(Lord Jamar)


Manning his position as 1/4 of the Classic Hip Hop Group Brand Nubian, Lord Jamar has garnered a reputation for no filter speak on the mic outside of the confrontational rhyme talk he is renowned for. A cultural critic at large, Lord Jamar is waxing viral for his interviews that lend a much-needed insight seldom heard in the mainstream discourse. A proud member of the 5% Nation, Lord Jamar imposes a narrative on contemporary matters, and those with the stomach to listen will in no doubt take away a fresh perspective on culture and trending topics.


Today Hip Hop is a globaly consumed and generated culture fast becoming a teachable curriculum. As academia seeks to fit Hip Hop Culture into a Wiki-Like Grid, the emergence of Lord Jamar and his will to stand in the gap between institution politics and the voice of the originators is much needed to put it mildly. Currently growing in popularity through his frequent appearances and commentaries on VLAD TV, Lord Jamar has patented a stoic disposition while being tossed hot-button questions, steady delivering even toned witty responses while keeping his B-Boy Swag intact. THE GODCAST, part of a number of media offerings slated for release under the Yanadameen Brand, is a forum in which Lord Jamar can curate the direction and tone of the commentaries/engagement between his guests.

In 2018 Lord Jamar will venture into the lecture circuit touching down in the throes of academia with his lecture series, and workshops, guaranteed to blindside those that feel they have the compete Hip Hop Story. Included in these workshops will be oral presentations, Q and A’s, and live programming demonstrations. To all those that fancy themselves guardians or shapers of all deemed canonical, DUCK! Yanadameen respectfully wishes to contest the flimsy gospels, and add shape to the philosophical mess…




Born in the Bronx in 1968 & raised in New Rochelle.

Formed Brand Nubian in 1989 & signed to Elektra records

Received 5 mics in the source for “One for all” album

Grand Puba left group & Sadat & Lord Jamar made two more albums as Brand Nubian, “In God we trust” (1992) & “Everything is everything” (1994) respectively.

Discovered Dead Pres and signed to Loud records in 1998

Grand Puba returned to Brand Nubian & they  released “Foundation” on Arista records also in 1998

Landed a primary recurring role on HBO’s “OZ” as SUPREME ALLAH in 2000 (11 episodes)

Released “Fire in the hole” with Brand Nubian on Babygrande records in 2004

Released only solo album “The 5% album” in 2006 on Babygrande records

Was the voice of ESPN’s “X GAMES” & “WINTER X GAMES” from 2007-2011

In 2013 Lord Jamar spoke on VladTV about Kanye West wearing a skirt & how that wasn’t part of “traditional Hip Hop fashion,” the subsequent support, as well as backlash Lord Jamar received, proved him to be a thought-provoking, yet at times polarizing figure.

Since then Lord Jamar has done countless videos with VLADTV & has garnered hundreds of thousands of views per video, as well as becoming a “viewers favorite.”

Thus his fans have DEMANDED that Lord Jamar start his OWN PODCAST on his OWN PLATFORM! This is how the YANADAMEEN GODCAST with LORD JAMAR was born.

Other notable shows Lord Jamar has appeared on:

  • Law & order
  • Law & order SVU (twice)
  • Third watch
  • The Sopranos
  • Rescue me
  • Elementary
  • Person of interest
  • 100 Centre street

And most recently Lord Jamar appeared in the Emmy award-winning “The Night Of” on HBO